Dancing With The Witch


On the following page is the opening sequence of Dancing With the Witch . It provides some insight into the charactor of two of the main charactors, Dominique, and Martine.

Dominique is a charismatic sexual predetor- a single-minded, entirely
merciless psychopath. She envisions herself as a creative
individual but, in fact, she is as uncreative as a machine. She lives to serve Robert King, the enigmatic, self styled "Feel Good God." He
thinks of her as a "good tool", and as his "fatal twin".

Martine is Dominique's lover, whipping post, and slave. Forever tormented by her obsession with Dominique her life has no meaning unrelated to her. This makes her an extremely dangerous adversary
if ever she feels their relationship threatened.

At this point this sequence is an unfinished work in progress. I am currently auditioning voice actors and doing fine editing. Please keep this in mind while viewing it.

Also, The movie might not play properly on a slow computer or one using dial up. Sorry.