The Witch

At the age of sixteen, Dominique began her career as a call girl. Her clients were the very rich. Her preferred role was that of Dominatrix.

At the age of eighteen she was enslaved by love to her "fatal twin", Robert King. At his suggestion she hired specialists to provide products she chose not to produce. She called them Glory-Girls.

At the age of twenty their first "lifestyle enhancement" franchise was established. By the age of twenty-two they
were millionaires.

On their twenty-sixth birthdays they incorporated as a church. They called themselves The Church Of Glory. King became the self styled "Feel Good God". Dominique was his grey eminence. Fueled by lust, fear, blackmail, pandering, and greed, if their master plan is effective, the world will dance to the witches tune.

Dominique's highest aspiration is to die.