Chapter 1- On the Road

I'm searching for love in a corrupt world.
Robert King

I haven't always been lucky. A crazy blond in a vintage Aston-Martin convertible opened that door. It was August 13th, my 16th birthday. I was a reckless run away.

I glared at the sun.

"Hi baby, where you going?" She yelled over the throaty snarl of the engine.

"Somewhere interesting." I answered.

"Sounds like a plan."

My pack stuffed behind the black, bucket seats, I relaxed into plush leather. On a speed-limit sign, the words "REASONABLE AND PROPER," shimmered in the inferno heat.

"Good bye boundless, emerald boredom."

I gave it the finger. A locust's laughter was the shrill reply.

Her name was Tara. I'd never seen anyone like her except in the movies. Her frosted blond hair haunted opalescent gray eyes. Her scythe-like finger nails glistened, shell hearted. She was right off the screen.

"So kid, what's your name?"


You can call me King."

"What? Yah, why not? I don't give a fuck. You can be my King."

Her grin was wolfish.

"Run away or vacation? "

"Run away."

"That's what I thought."

She winked.

We raced a narrow channel in the great corn ocean. Verdant and tassel topped, ten foot stalks raked the air like lancers at war with the sky.

"I talk all the time.  She yelled. "Even though I hardly ever say anything that's worth listening to. Not much about my life is serious," she grinned, "except having fun and getting high. Speaking of which."

She reached over and banged open the glove box, her hot breasts heavy against my leg. The car swerved wild. She fought the wheel. Across the line a double trailered cattle truck fish tailed.

"Damn! Hay kid, reach in there and get that silver box."

Buried in garbage, a silver box- a skull engraved on its round lid.


"Naw, I'm going' to kill myself. Open it up."

Inside the box was a tiny silver spoon, embedded in crystalline white powder.

"Come on kid! pile it on. Haven't you ever used speed before?"


"Well you got to get it in if you want to get it on. Oink oink! I'm a hog."

Her laugh was a dazzle of perfect teeth. I leaned toward her lips.

"Jesus! You really are an innocent- my nose kid, my nose. You ever tasted crystal?"


"Well, think rat poison."

Sweat chilled my face.

She smeared her finger tip across the base of her nose. A rigid finger forced my lips apart.

"Taste it kid."


"See what I mean?"


"Now you."

She nodded at the box in my lap. She solved my dilemma.

"Come on kid! Get up to speed. I m sure not going' to slow down!"

I sneezed.

Bone white dust glimmered like slow rain.

"What's that kid? I can't hear you." Tara yelled.

Her face seared the air like a crazy eyed falling star. She reached over and squeezed my thigh.

"What's the matter kid? Never had a woman cop a feel before?"

Her predatory hand snaked higher.

Tires spun. The air burned blue.

"DAMN! Hold on!" She yelled. "Never a dull moment."

She grabbed the wheel with both hands like a cowboy bringing down a steer. The brakes locked to a stop. The hood smoldered. Oil smoked, sweat-drenched heat engulfed us.

That was close, but no cigar."She coughed, and spit over the door. "I am going to die! Die! Die! One of these days."

She caughed again.

"Sorry kid."

"My name is King." She reached out and shook my shoulder. "Yah, yah, yah! Right! Sorry King! For a moment I thought we were going to lose it."

"Me too."

"You were pretty cool. I'm impressed."

"What was I supposed to do, scream?" I squeaked.

We sat in a dead zone of blood hot heat and laughed until our eyes burned. Locusts screamed in the distance.

"Oh God!" She yelled. "I've got to stop laughing. Where's the box?"

White knuckled I handed it to her.

Slow blood trickled from her nostril. She turned on me. Hot kisses forced my lips apart. She clawed at my chest. I slapped her blood flushed cheek.

"Now you got it."

She forced the door. The rest went by in a blur of sweat and shredded clothes. I only remember that her nipples were pierced, that gold rings hung from each of them. and that she kept yelling "Yank on me!

Suddenly my head cleared.

"OH GOD! OH GOD! OH FUCK ME GOD!"She snarled.

She propped herself up on an elbow.

"So, King? Aside from fresh meat tell me about yourself. How old are you any way?"


"Oh God, sixteen! Tara you bad bitch!" She yelled with a raucous laugh.

"So what do you write about kid, prom dates? Football games?"

"I'm searching for love in a corrupt world."

"Whoh! That's a little heavy for a kid isn't it?

"I've never been a kid."

Chapter 1- On the Road