Chapter 6- Whore


I didn't intentionally become a monster. When I rejected society's
mores and set out into the moral wilderness Dominique was my
only ally, naturally, when in doubt, I turned to her. She used my
own arrogant belief that the superior individual is subject only to
his own standards to convince me to go a little farther, always a
little farther. She made it so easy for me to forget my own humanity.

Robert King/ Journal

I couldn't sleep. On the ceiling shadows cavorted, like demons
etched in lightning.

Next to me Dominique's breath, in sleep, was sweet. She stirred,
and reached out to touch my leg.

"My love? What is wrong?" She whispered.

"Nothing, I was just thinking."

"About what?"

"Do you like being a whore?"

She laughed and rolled over in the huge bed. "What an interesting question. "

She yawned.

Do you mind? She asked.

I twisted uneasily.

She stretched. Cat like, her fingers clawed the sheets.

I shivered.

"That's not what I asked, Dominique."

Her eyes flashed as a sudden amused light illuminated her face.

"Of course not."

She touched my shoulder.

"I understand, but is it not true?"

I was silent.

"Is it so bad to be my pimp, my love? Am I not successful? Are
you not well paid?"

"Enough Dominique."

"Why enough, my love? Why do these concepts bother you so?
Have we not evolved beyond these petty definitions? We make
our own rules and, by doing so, become more real than
these illusions"

she yawned again.

"I remember a poem I wrote when I was l2." I said.

"Tell me."



"The sky is clear,
The corn is high,
The earth sweats.
Stars glitter high above the child afloat on the lawn
Like signals on a fathomless black ocean-
Waiting for the spaceship.

In the trees, locusts shrill a warning siren.
A frog in the grass, a cricket on his arm,
The only audience for dreams escape
From the agony of gravity-
Waiting for the spaceship.

Weightless, balloons of fantasy
Unleashed take flight.
Some drift careless,
Some set will full sail for the moon,
Some fall dead against the grass-
Waiting for the spaceship.

"Somewhere out there...someone hear me."
His eyes clenched tight, a childs' single minded flight,
The weight of heartbeats drum against the ground,
A signal for the great unknown-
Waiting for the spaceship."

"How exciting. You see, you prove my point"

She laughed and reached under the sheet to caress my thigh.

"What do you mean Dominique?"

"Isn't that exactly what did happen my love. Am I not that alien
of your dreams, who carried you away? Did your whore not do
that for you?"

"I hadn't thought of it that way before."

"Perhaps you should. After all, did you not wish to escape from
that mundane reality that was so much a trap for you?"

She climbed astride, black silk and ivory white in the moon light.
Her eyes held a coruscating luminescence.

"Did you not?"

Chapter 6-Whore