Chapter 12- Learning to Fly


Embrace the sky tonight.
To step out
Onto the swift emptiness.

To soar
Among the constellations
Is pure

tThis is life:
This spirit
To fly

Robert King

I came across this early journal entry. It’s an interesting insight into the very beginnings, when we were first learning to fly.

August 13th, my 23rd birthday. We’re celebrating with a cruise on the SILVER CLOUD, Armand Tyler's 175 foot luxury cruiser, out of Sausalito. Armand is one of our first investors. He loaned us the boat and the crew of 20 for a month as a birthday present and. As we’re also using it for business, it's a fat tax write off as well.

I’m exhausted.

Before we left San Francisco we attended the opening of the first of the new PSYCHENETICS® therapy centers.

Since December we’ve made one million dollars. That represents the buy in fee of fifty thousand dollars paid by the twenty women who have established PSYCHENETICS® centers throughout California.

Finding the right people proved to be easier than I expected. Although we were very selective we quickly sold the initial offering. I thought that it would be difficult to convince investors to pay fifty thousand dollars to purchase a franchise in a relatively unproved and decidedly controversial business concept. Fortunately, California draws an abundance of clever, ruthless entrepreneurial women who will pay any price for success. With a little mental and moral readjustment from Dominique the ones who did have difficulty were easily able to snare the financial backing to pay our fee with little effort on their part.

What makes the concept we offer so enticing, aside from the product, is that we provide a complete professional package: legal, financial, and marketing counseling, health plans, profit sharing, investment portfolios, political protection, etc. etc.. The patient accretion of detailed records and photographs in Dominique's client base has been very useful grease for the wheels of progress.
In essence the scam is that the centers are “Centers for Operational Nascence”, or C.O.Ns. Their perported goal is to unblock human potential through a program of counciling, motivational channeling, group support systems and sex. Actually they’re a lot like private key-clubs. Included among the benefits of membership are access to any of the centers and all related facilities. These include: the night clubs and restaurants, private suites for parties, seminars or long term live in therapy, use of the limos, and escort service loans and financial planning. Access, for a separate fee, is available for any of the ongoing therapy programs. Each one is a part of an unending chain of endoctrinations whose cost escalates as one moves up the links toward the elusive butterfly of self actualization.
From the beginning I have insisted on treating the Johns like the sophisticates they purport to be. It's just good business. Thus the acronym CON and the PSYCHENETICS® motto ‘Anything is possible if you pay the price’. The clients love it. We don’t try to talk down to them or make what we have something that requires sacrifice and moral sanctity. We want to make enlightenment fun. For the most part the clientelle have run the gamut of self help programs and Gods that demand that they suffer now so they will feel good in some abstract heaven. Instead, we tell them just what they want to hear; that it’s OK to feel good now; that personal success depends not on sacrifice but on satisfaction.

JOURNAL- Robert King

Although all the signs were there I didn’t have any idea that the collapse of civilization as I knew it would come in my life time. During those fledgling days all I hoped for was a bigger piece of the pie. I never expected to end up owning the pie factory. Now I understand how Jesus might feel if he came back for a visit.
But always remember dear reader, none of it would have been possible without you.

Learning To Fly