Chapter 15- Blitzkrieg Baby

"On the field, the fallen.
Limbs and roots,
the hands and feet
of her deliverance

Robert King/Journal

Camilla was the perfect fantasy. FROSTY was only there to help.

“She’s in love with you man. I can dig that. Relax and enjoy her.”

They understood what a bitch Dominique was and how used and misunderstood I had been. Everything that had happened in the past was only prolog to this perfect surrender- perfect love.

“You got to cut loose the past man.” He said. “Just go with it. Screw your brains out. Here have another hit.”

No one had ever loved or understood me like FROSTY and Camilla- no one ever would. They were all I needed. My credit cards were all they needed.

“Here man, have another hit.”

Life in Wonderland made perfect sense. Everything was perfect.

And then it was over

I don’t remember anything except Dominique's arms around me in the limo. Her perfume smelled like cordite.

“Where’s FROSTY?” I asked.

“He had some business.” She answered.

“What happened to Camilla?”

“She is gone.”

Blitzkrieg Baby