Chapter 17- True Confessions

How do you recognize True Love?

To really know ourselves, or truth, or love, we have to have the courage to go beyond the accepted definitions. We are both good and evil, God and the devil. Both heaven and Hell are within us. In any quest to find the light, the decent into darkness is a necessity. Only in the knowledge of our entirety do we become whole and fulfill the role of the hero.

It didn’t take long to run the gamut of “normal” available to me. As a child I had already figured out that a life of unexplored, unquestioned, sheep-like subservience to whatever shepherd happens to be in charge of the flock was not for me.

On my 16th birthday I put out my thumb on the edge of a country road

Thus I set out in my drunken boat to see the world.

I had a lot of help along the way, much of it from women. Unfortunately, most of them were victims of the plague of patriarchy. Because they were innately powerful they were able to survive but they transmuted into monsters. The blood of monsters nurtured me.

I too survived.

Love is the light at the end of the darkness.

Robert King/ Journal