Chapter 30- Love the Love

    “Ready in 3 King.”
    Another day.

    When I got back, I introduced Martine to Dominique. When I saw them together I was again amazed at the similarity in their appearance. Dominique commented on it as well.
    “You and I could be twins darling.” She said.
    She palmed Martines chin and turned her face first one way and then another as she studied the play of light over her features. Martine took it all patiently. She was no fool. She realized that somehow there might be profit in this golden opportunity and she wasn't about to screw it up.
    “You must do something about your hair,” Dominique said as she disdainfully pushed it back from Martines face.
    “What do you suggest?” Martine asked.
    “Leave it to me, darling. I will remake you completely.”
    Instant suspicion flashed in Martine’s eyes. Dominique, who missed nothing, laughed.
    “You must trust me darling. After all, how could your life be worse than it is now? What better opportunity is there for you.”
    Martine glanced at me.
    I shrugged.
    Again, Dominique took her face in hand and turned it toward her.
    “Do not make a fatal mistake darling. Life is very fragile.” She hissed.
    “Don’t threaten her Dominique.” I said. Suddenly, everything FROSTY said seemed much more believable.
    Dominique looked at me and nodded.
    “Yes, you are right my love. Threats are not needed. Are they darling?”
    Dominique's fingertips pressed a nerve in Martines jaw. She flinched.
    “No.” She said. Her eyes glistened.
    “Good.” Dominique said. “Now, let us begin with your hair. Come darling, there is woman's work to be done.”

    “Ready in 1 King.”
    It was crowded on the set. Caroline and Marilyn were in conference with the director. I felt tired and uneasy. My visit to FROSTY, our conversation and the information about Camilla had made me uncomfortable. Normally I could tell Dominique and she would take care of the problem. Unfortunately, in this instance, she was the problem. I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to involve Carolyn or Marilyn because I was no longer confident that anyone’s loyalties lay with me- that anything was what it seemed.
    The red light was on.
    “Good evening.
    “There is a Yiddish word timshel which means Thou mayest. This is the word used in the original Hebrew text of Genesis, chapter 4 in which God tells Cain that he may rule over sin. The later translations say either that thou shalt or do thou. In other words, their interpretation is that either you are guaranteed or you are commanded to rule over sin.
    “Instead of sin let’s use another word. The word failure. In the context of THE CHURCH OF GLORY I think it better defines our concerns than sin which carries a lot of old time religious baggage with it.
    “‘Only a loser loves a loser’ is one of the axioms of PSYCHENETICS®. To achieve success and to attain prosperity in our lives is a matter of choice. You may achieve success if you decide to take charge of your life. Then again, you may be a loser if you decide not to take charge of your life. It’s up to you. To leave the driving to some power other than your own might be OK if your taking the bus but it has no place on the road to your success. To put yourself in the hands of your higher power, at least in the terms we use, means to be the best that you can be. To be or not to be has always been the question. The question is universal. You are the answer. God helps those who help themselves.
    “PSYCHENETICS® gives you the tools to take control of your destiny and to achieve success.
    “PSYCHENETICS® has proven to be the most valuable resource other than your own motivation to aid you to achieve the success and prosperity you deserve. Yes, that’s right. Deserve. You are born to be a success.
    “Through out history people who have accepted the belief that there is something morally wrong in the desire for success and prosperity. They have been conflicted by the mistaken idea that poverty is a virtue. Statements like: ‘the meek shall inherit the earth’, ‘it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven’ ‘ blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom’, have been wrongly interpreted. To be poor or to be meek is to have humility. Humility is to know yourself and the world around you as they are- not to accept the egos' illusions because of fear, laziness or weakness of character. To be open, humble and receptive to reality and change are to be successful. To be ego possessed, selfish and obsessed with things is to be like the rich man, so burdened by his possession that he can’t fit through the pearly gates. The man loaded down with gold falls in the river. If he doesn’t let go he’s going to sink. Things are nice and nice things make us feel good but things or mammon, are not, in themselves, virtues.
    “To be without conflict is to be virtuous.
    “Success and prosperity are the reward of virtue.
    “Unless a person is well fed, physically and mentally secure and has available leisure time there is little hope that he will devote himself to self betterment. Instead his time is spent in the struggle for survival. We are not here, in the midst of bountiful abundance, to merely survive. We are here to flourish and prosper in all ways. Anyone who doesn’t believe that is on the fast track to failure.
    “Now let’s talk about love.
    “Love is inspiration. When no conflict exists within us to hinder the achievement of our highest potential we are inspired- we love. Nothing is impossible to the individual who is without conflict. It is our responsibility to eliminate conflict in our lives Love is not a possession. It is not a captive of our ego. Love is our wings.
    “Another axiom of PSYCHENETICS® is Love the love. If we ‘love the love’ we are inspired to greatness. When we open our hearts we become a channel for prosperity and abundance. If we have the courage we can transform the desert of our lives into a paradise.
    “It is difficult to be alone. We were not meant to be alone. THE CHURCH OF GLORY offers you companionship in the adventure of your prosperity. Within our community of like minded fellowship your aspirations will find support and the encouragement you need. Together we will overcome the misguided, negative philosophies that have confused, discouraged, and cursed those who sought prosperity ever since Eve desired more than to be the possession of a jealous, Patriarchal God. Join with us to create a new world order in which you will thrive and prosper and attain the success that your aspirations deserve.”
    “CUT! That was great King.”
    I nodded my head and stared at the words on the prompter.
    "Yeah, great."
    I wished I could believe them.
    I closed my eyes.

    The set was quiet. A single work-light cast a wan glimmer among the scattered props that cluttered the enormous sound stage. I felt drained and wasn’t sure what to do with myself. Suddenly, as if in answer to my distress, the staccato march of high heels on concrete drummed in the hallway.
    “Hay King!” She called out. “Are you in here?”
    It was Carolyn.
    Her shadow in the door way was sleek and sexy even in silhouetted.
    “Yeah, I'm over here.”
    “I've been looking all over for you. Are you OK?” She said. Her finger tips caressed my cheek.
    “Yeah, I suppose so.” I said.
    “That was a great taping. I didn't get a chance to read the script before hand but it was really good King. It amazes me how you tie all those complex issues together so elegantly.”
    I laughed.
    “It's simple Carolyn. I just get a bunch of books that say different things about the subject I'm supposed to write about, I read them and then write something that includes the stuff I read. It's no mystery. God knows, there's nothing original about it. It's a con, just like everything else I do.”
    “Oh. Feeling sorry for yourself are you?” She moved into the light. Her eyebrows rose in consternation. “Don't be so hard on yourself, King. You're special. Appreciate yourself."
    “What’s to appreciate?” I answered.
    In her elegantly tailored suit she looked thoroughly professional but then she made a typically Carolyn move and unbuttoned the jacket. Beneath it a sheer black silk bra cupped her breasts. As she moved closer her golden skin seemed to smolder. Her heat had a scent of its own.
    “Come to mama.” She whispered and drew me close. I buried my face in the warm valley between her breasts and breathed her fragrance. It made me dizzy. She stroked my head and ran her fingers through my hair. An overwhelming feeling of peace and well being brought tears to my eyes. That was what it really meant to "love the love".
    “What’s the matter King. You haven’t been yourself all day. Ever since you got back. Where did you go?”
    “To see FROSTY.”
    "God! I see why you're depressed. Who’s the girl you brought back?”
    “Her name is Martine. I picked her up in Sausalito. She was hooking on Bridgeway. I thought she looked like Dominique.”
    “Yeah, I think so too. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. One of Dominique is more than enough for one life time. Anyway, Dominique seems to like her.”
    “Yeah, she's got a new project.”
    “So what else happened?” She asked as she took my hand and led me toward the dressing room door.

Love the Love