Chapter 32- Whispers In the Wind

Wind blown whispers snake their way into my dreams.
They coil within me like seductive emissaries from
beyond my understanding.
Bowed by the rain, the trees are listless, limp and grey.
Their branches sag like woeful wooden puppets.

The rain on their leaves whispers like the beat of wings
against the window;
Like gentle, lovers laughter; like an argument
or a snarl of broken dreams.
They are a sound and a flavor that haunts the lips-
A forgotten fragrance of perfumed promise-
A vastness without bounds.

Robert King/ Journal

    A breath of a breeze lifted the papers from the desk. Lying open on the table the feathered edges of books fluttered.
Bowed by the rain, the trees are listless, limp and gray. They sag like woeful wooden puppets.
    “So, what’s the focus today?” I asked but I didn’t care.
    It was quiet In the petite pastel garden. Under the cool of the peach bougainvillea the buzz of a hummingbird’s wings and a cardinal’s twittering dance lacked passion. Passion-flowers slumped in the heat.
     We both wore tropical whites. I had on shorts and a gauze shirt, Marilyn, a crisp linen suit.
    I count the minutes until I see her again. Once it could happen any time I chose. Now, I wait for her to seek me out. This new game could be exciting if we were on a level playing field but Carolyn makes the rules. She is too close for me to manipulate and she knows it.
    Tall, chill, lime water and rum frosted drinks lingered at our finger-tips. Even the effort it took to lift them was too much.
    Desire slides like hot rain on metal shutters.
    I sit in languid silence for long moments because of Carolyn.

"Dear King,

    I had to leave.
    ‘I love you,’ you said.
    Now I feel unfamiliar, and uncomfortable.
    This isn’t who I am, King.
    Love gets in the way.
    I have to try to make things work again.
    Don’t worry. It’s not forever.
Things just got out of hand.
    I need a little time.

I love you.


    “So, what do you want to do, King?”
    “Do? About what, Marilyn?”
    “Did you hear anything I said?”
    “No...not really.”
    “Why did you call me? I’ve got a lot to do today.”
    “I was lonely and I wanted somebody to talk to?”
    “you’re impossible.”
    “Do you still love me?.”
    “I bought some hot new underwear today. Want to see it?”

Whispers In the Wind