Chapter 37- Peepshow


    She sat at attention. Her finger tips preyed in her lap. The checkered school-girl skirt reddened her bare knees where the coarse weave black and blue wool abraded. Black Mary Jane’s, white knee socks, a gray Camel hair blazer and a starched white blouse with all the buttons correctly buttoned completed the uniform.
    She unbuttoned the blazer and looked up at me.
    Beneath the wings of her hair, her raven eyes were avaricious.
    “You seem distant tonight my love.”
    Her voice was a drug. If I would have been a stranger I would have confessed anything. I didn’t know what I wanted to say. I didn’t want to sacrifice Carolyn to her.
    “Distant?” I said.
    She crossed her legs with the unconscious seductively of a convent girl. The bright innocence of her smile formed the frame for the play. She was a bad girl in the principal's office right down to the break my heart bow of her lips.
    “Would you rather be elsewhere?”
    She played the buttons of the blouse.Beneath the white starched cloth a white brassiere teased a glimpse of subtle lace with each breath.
    “No, why?”.
    A delicate, filigreed silver cross gleamed against the exacting, glacial whiteness of her throat.
    She lifted her dress. Her hand grazed her tender inner thigh where the white cotton of her prim briefs cut into her flesh.
    Her black eyes glittered.
    “I’m a bad girl. I touch myself.”
    “Right! You’re a bad girl Dominique.” I said, as I flipped the pages of the PSYCHENETICS® MANUAL- BOOK 1.
    Carolyn had given me a practical problem. Maybe it was only a diversion. After all, Carolyn was a businesswoman. I was curious whether it would be possible to turn a scam into the real thing.
    I looked up.
    She tweaked her nipples beneath the blouse.
    “Uh huh.” I said.
    She starred at me.
    “Martine wants to fuck you.” She said with a tough girl sneer.
    I stood up.
    “Martine makes me nervous Dominique. It’s like I look at you in the fun house mirror. It makes me confused. I don’t like to be confused, Dominique.”
    “I want you to fuck Martine.” She demanded.
    “Dominique, I don’t want...to...fuck...Martine. OK? Tell her thanks anyway.”
    “Would you rather fuck Carolyn?”
    I almost got hooked. Anyone else would have denounced their family without a thought why.
    “What Dominique?”
    Slack jawed I gaped at her. Saliva drooled down my chin.
    “Who are you today King?” She asked patiently.
    “I’m Benjie.”
    “Do we have to do the entire book or just the hot parts?” she asked.
    “No I didn’t fuck Carolyn! There, are you happy, happy, happy Dominique?”
    “Do you want to punish me?"
    She stretched out on her stomach on the bed. She locked her hands above her head. She spread her legs. She pulled her skirt up over her tight buttocks
    “Benjie is a good guy Dominique. He just drools.” I said and picked up the PSYCHENETICS® MANUAL.
    “You are cruel.” She said.
    Her pelvis squirmed against the sheets.
    “I know.” I replied. “But Benjie isn’t.”