Chapter 42- Rest In Peace

" ...and then she was dead."

Robert King

“Dear King,”
    “Quite an ending right? That’s Catholic girls! Always up to our necks in sin and suffering for salvation. Well, I sure got out on a long limb this time, didn't I?”
    'All I can see are sharp edges and danger so, before anybody gets hurt I'm taking an early and permanent retirement.”
    'Drink me a glass of champagne sometimes and laugh. Tell Dominique I'm sorry.”
    'See you on the other side.


    Her perfume was like incense for the dead.
     Shadows carved the walls. The dying sun enveloped me with a dread that deadened my fingertips. The letter tumbled to the floor like a white bird fallen from a toxic sky.
    All that was left of Carolyn: the letter, the mysterious smile of surrender on her lips as she hung from the cross of rough beams that supported the vaulted ceiling of her bedroom, her palms turned outward as her body stiffened. Her gold pen lay beneath her shadow, on a small table.
    Dispassionately Dominique looked at her, as if she was a sculpture on display. "We must dispose of the body.” She said.

Rest In Peace