The Booth-Wire: 3-D Illustration

This is the the wireframe. The composition of the basic elements went pretty quickly as, with the exception of the teapot, hand and cups, they are composed of basic primative shapes.

I first attempted to use the hand I created while getting familiar with 3-D but that proved impossible as the image was so burdened down with unnecessery polys that it brought the program to a halt. Thus it was necessary to re-create a duplicate of the hand which took about 4 hours. (The first hand took a couple of weeks). This one does not bog down the system, is better organized and makes me feel good that I made relatively rapid progress. Right now I am trying to give it "bones" so I can animate it. I want it to tap nervously on the tabletop (read the story). I also plan to add the sound of tapping to the animation.

The Booth- Wire