“Why don't you have a com-link implant Carolyn? I don't think I’ve ever seen you without that phone.”
She sat on the edge of the desk and crossed her legs.
“Well what do you want? Whenever you flash a little leg I know you want something.”
“Shut up fool.”
“Dominique! Did you hear her?”
“Watch it Bitch!” Dominique said. “Even though you are right.”
Carolyn laughed and stuck out he tongue.
“Well, come on come on, I'm a busy man. Philosophies to make up, converts to con, grunting and sweating herds to guide, I’m a busy man I yam, I yam. You might think I’m the Mad Hatter but this ain't no fucking tea party!” I yelled and tried to reach up her dress.
“Oh yassa massa!” She said as she spread her legs imperceptibly."

Robert King

It's No Tea Party