I went to Mexico in January of 1996 because my life had become predictable. I had always been facinated with tropical countries. I had been to Mexico a number of times and, on one adventure, I stopped in the village of Mulege, on the Gulf of California, in Baja, for one night. After 2 days of desert it seemed, with it's palm groves, abundant water, and lush vegetation, to be paradise. The next morning I continued on to La Paz and a ferry to the main-land where I was beginning an adventure in a property I discovered on a beach.

Mulege lingered in memory and, when I decided to re-invent myself, I went there to begin my new life. I lived in Mexico for 7 years on this property. Estrella Del Rio means Star of the River. I suppose that says something about me.

Entry-Estrella Del Rio