The Making of Dancing With The Witch


Welcome to the Animation section.

The film-making genre herein discribed is known as Machinima. It relies on various game engines to create, animate, and record video content. What this technique provides me with, in a basic, limited manner, is a video studio in a laptop.

The content creation program I am currently using is The Sims 2. It is a game engine with which it is possible to create entire neighborhoods, lots, houses, characters, as well as the seasonal changes within which these elements interact. It is then possible to customize any of these elements in whatever manner one wishes. In addition, all of the characters, as well as many of the objects with which they interact, are fully animated. The resulting animated content interactions may then be recorded and used to create a video document.

In time I will provide further documentation of my virtual movie studio, the sets, as well as the techniques which I use to create my first film, Dancing With The Witch. This film is based on my unpublished book of the same name, and stars the character on the right, Dominique.