I have written, either poetry or fiction, for most of my life. I have never published any of it because I never got around to taking on the burden of being "an author." I'm not an author, I write. I have 4, 4 drawer file cabinets full of poems and fiction from age 13 to approximately 1994. Eventually, perhaps when I'm old, I will have a career as a writer. Right now, it's the exploration that's important to me, not the end result. That's just more stuff to find a place for.

Here are some examples of my fiction and a few poems.

NOTE: I have decided, temporarily, to discontinue adding new chapters to No More Mr. Lucky as I am attempting to market the book and don't wish to present more at this time.

NOTE:When you open the fiction pages if there isn't a scroll bar, move your mouse out of the text field and the story will scroll. To stop it, move the mouse into the text field.

The Glory Chronicles:

  • BOOK 1:
ScarFace: The Secret History
  • BOOK 4:
  • BOOK 2:
No More Mr. Lucky
  • BOOK 5:
Dangerous Mind
  • BOOK 3:
Dancing With The Witch
  • BOOK 6:
After The Dance


Short Stories: