Chapter 10- Snow


This image was the first time I successfully used a shader which I downloaded from High end 3-D. It was used on the wire and the poles.

I used the hands which have been used before, on the old woman in The Game of Love, and on Robert King in Chapter 12, Learning to Fly.

I made the wire fence as well as the barbed wire. Making the barbed wire was interesting in that I first made the wire, duplicated it and wound the two wires around each other, then opened areas for the barbs, made them and inserted them, then applied the shader.

The process of making virtual wire is much like actually making it except that the work is not as sweaty. It's white collar instead of blue but a 3-D artist is very much a craftsman.

I'm fairlly happy with this image. Perhaps later, when I have gotten more experience with skin shaders, I will create one that isn't so plastic but, for now, I can move on.

Chapter 10- Snow