Chapter 13- Frosty 1


Frosty was fun to do. I enjoy that the images are becoming more finished and the modeling more proficient (at least in comparison to past efforts). Frostys skin is done using a skin shader I downloaded from High End 3-D. The first skin shader I have used. It still needs adjustment, or I need a different one, but it is a beginning. The spoon was modeled in Maya as was the box and the spring. I applied a has a chrome shader to the spring and a silver shader to the spoon. The use of shaders is nice as they mimic actual materials quite well, including accurately placed shadows and highlights.

The background was from a photo texture that I copied and edited in Photoshop. Other tweaking was done in Photoshop as well.

For those innocents among you, the significance of the spoons and snow are that Frosty is a coke dealer. Read the chapter.

Chapter 13- Frosty 1