Chapter 18- Standing in the Heat 1

The puppet dances for dollars.

I have begun to try new things such as:

more work on uv unwrap and texture, using a variety of shaders. (mostly, I have gotten shaders either from Maya or High-End 3-D.)""The audience is a composite from hi resolution images from <www.google/images.com>. I used Photoshop to smooth out the drapes ( the smudge and blur tools). I also extruded the tubes using maya nurbs and then converted them to polys and shaded them. The lighting is one overhead front spot for stage. 1 pin-spot for face, 1 spot-light in each of the light-poles each side of the stage.

Before I could create this scene I needed the portrait head of Robert King. That in itself took more than a week. (see wip)

Standing in the Heat