Chapter 7-In the Beginning


UnFortunately I didn't take any screen shots of this image as it was being put together. I started in Maya and did the composing and the lighting there, including the overall color scheme. I then brought it into Photoshop and did extensive tweaking including smudging the edges of most of the shapes smoothing the shape of the chess piece and the leg and shoe, adding shadows to the edge of the leg, a gradient shadow on the chess board and a solid gradient in the right side curtain background so it matched the left shadow area.

Originally I modeled the leg and the entire foot but, when I decided to put the spike heel on it, the curvature of the foot became an issue that I didn't see any point in dealing with as the bottom of the foot inside the shoe would not be seen so I cut that part off.

I really would like to use more textures in Maya but so far it is too intimidating so, I have come up with a simplified style for now. I think it works, at least to get a basic image. Later I can work on it more.

Chapter 7- In the Beginning